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about us.

Build your inner power.
Grow your confidence.
Change the world.
Frailty Myths offers workshops for women, trans, and gender non-conforming folks that provide a transformative experience through our experiential, intersectional learning model that pairs hands-on skills learning with facilitated conversations that allow our participants to practice being in the world we are trying to create by healing from and replacing toxic narratives with constructive ones. We’re ReImagining Femininity and Building Power because we know a more just world is possible.
We also offer transformative Justice, Equity, & Inclusive trainings, Visioning and Alignment sessions, and team building and leadership workshops to help your team members build a more just, healthier, and empowering workplace.  We will work with you to put together a tailor made workshop or series that meets your groups need.  Check out the Offerings section below.  Contact us for details.



what we do

We work to expose the social construction of female inferiority for exactly what it is: a Myth
Frailty Myths' ground-breaking curriculum is revolutionizing the approach to feminism, team-building, and leadership.

Build your inner power. Grow your confidence. Change the world.
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Our team.

Frailty Myths is a family of amazing people working everyday to ReImagine Femininity and a world without toxic masculinity -

it is powerful and nurturing support system that continues well beyond the workshops,

Here are just a few of us:

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Georgia Faye Hirsty

Founder | Director

Erinn Carter

Founder | Director

Susan Goodwillie

Founder | Director

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Malachi Robinson

Treasurer | Director

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Administration Wizard

Advisory Council

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Our Values


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What we believe in

Together, we are building the world we want to live in


It’s a feeling.  It’s the feeling that pushes aside all of the toxic narratives that tell us we aren’t enough and fills each of us and our community with possibility, agency, and power. 


Real Skills

Our curriculum is based on learning real, hands-on skills, like building, climbing, and self reliance.   Participants walk away with knowledge, increased confidence, and part of a network that continuing building on all of it.



As revolutionaries, we are learning to be less dependent on oppressive systems and institutions.  Standing on the shoulders of giants and moving together as  we build a more just future.  We are ever learning to lean on each other for support and love.  Learning the power and self and community determination. 



At Frailty Myths, we know that true leadership skills come from community service not from ego and defensiveness.  To lead is to serve, it’s to take risks, to love.


Become a Sponsor

You can make a difference. Become an Sponsor choosing between these three levels of sponsorship!

Help us build a more just and loving future.

Sponsor Today
Sponsor a Community Workshop
  • Life Changing experience for 15 - 20 women, trans, GNC folks
  • Name on sponsor page of website
  • Gift of one of a kind Frailty Myths Pocket Knife
  • Framed Group Photo of Workshop Participants
Sponsor our Leadership Development Program
  • 4 Train the Trainer Workshops
  • Your Name or Logo on Sponsor page of website
  • 50-60 women, trans, GNC folks will recieve training
  • Employment opportunities for participants
  • Framed Groups Photo of all program workshops
  • Gift of One of a kind Frailty Myths' Smash Patriarchy Hammer
Become an
Impact with Love Sponsor


  • Annual Impact with Love Gathering Sponsor
  • Supports Live Build of a Bridge to be donated to an elementary school garden
  • Recieve Gift Set of one of a kind Frailty Myths tools: Tape Measure, Pocket Knife, and the Smash Patriarchy Hammer
  • Your name or Logo on Sponsor Page of Website
  • Your Name or Logo on all Gala materials
  • Lunch with one of the Founders


Smashing Myths and Changing Lives.

“I took a workshop with Frailty Myths in NYC & it was everything I’ve been looking for — a space to create, do woodworking work that previously felt inaccessible to me, AND to be able to do so in community with other queer & trans people was 100% a dream come true. The facilitators set the groundwork for us to explore not only the physical skills but also root us back into how these skills originate from Black & brown communities. They broke down how we could learn together without judgement & were clear & patient each step in the way about all the power tools. I left the workshop radiating, with new community in this city.”

Huiying Bee

Basic Power Tools & Woodworking Participant



Frailty Myths believes in Co-Creation, in the power of the collective, in what we can build when we are willing to see and hear each other.
We don't think there is a one-size-fits-all solution for how we ReImagine and Buid a more just and loving world.

Rooted in our principles, methods, and revolutionary practice - we work with you and your team to dig into the specific needs of your group and to together grow a stronger, more enlightened, more healed, more visionary world.
Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Workshops

Frailty Myths offers single or multi-session packages on D&I trainings. Our workshops focus on creating a shared and safe space for folks to name gaps or dynamics that create inequitable workspaces, while focusing on developing training and tactics to create a more just and inclusive environment for the future.

Collective Visioning and Alignment
Our Collective Visioning and Alignment series are for organizations and groups that feel like they’re ready to take the next step in imagining and building the world that we want to live in. This workshop is instrumental in helping groups get alignment on a shared vision and begin the process of creating the pathway to imagination needed to achieve that vision.
Team Building

At Frailty Myths, we know that communication can be hard. And we also know that creating a clear and concise communication strategy is one of the keys to success. Through our custom built Team Building Training, we’ll create challenges and tools that leave participants better able to communicate their needs, be more seen, and become more confident members of the team.

School & Youth Programs

Frailty Myths has programming designed for young people too! We know that young people are ready and able to tackle the problems of racism, patriarchy, and white supremacy and build better communities. We offer training, including collective visioning, diversity inclusion, and team building workshops for K-12 and Universities around the world.

Creating change and building a new world can be challenging. At Frailty Myths, we know that many of us are currently fighting in our fields to make change. We see you and we can help! We offer one-on-one Leadership Development and Consultation services for individuals across the world. Through one-on-one meetings, tailored to your needs and your growth, we’ll help you find the insight and guidance you need.

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Latest News.

What we got going on! Let us know if you'd like to write a guest blog!

Basic Power Tools and Woodworking in New York

Amazing workshop in New York with facilitator and Advisory Council Member LJ Amsterdam.

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Apply We’re very excited to launch our board member search.  We are looking for someone…

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