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Frailty Myths

Building Power and Advancing Justice through Practice

about us.

Frailty Myths does diversity and inclusion differently.  We are an impact-driven, practice-based, and value-led organization. Our unique, experience-centered programming results in lasting behavioral changes that lead to more just, inclusive, and diverse workplaces and communities where everyone can thrive.

We see you trying.  We see the frustration and fatigue when impact falls painfully short of your efforts.  We can help. 

So….What’s with all the tools?!

Whether virtual or in-person, our programming creates transformative experiences through our experiential, learning model that pairs hands-on skills learning with facilitated conversations.  We cultivate a space where your team gets to practice being in the world we are trying to create.
It is the beautiful messiness of real change. 
It is innovative, integrated, and iterative.
We move out of the conceptual and into real-world impacts that you will feel.
We know awareness isn’t enough.
We know a more just world and loving is possible.
We have the tools to build it.


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what we do

Frailty Myths' ground-breaking curriculum is revolutionizing the approach to DEI, team-building, and leadership.

Our community workshops provide free leadership and empowerment trainings for those with the least access.

Innovate - Integrate- Iterate
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Frailty Myths believes in Co-Creation and what we can build when we are willing to see and hear each other.
There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution.

Rooted in our principles, methods, and revolutionary practice - we work with you and your team to build a program that will allow you to reach your goals.

Frailty Myths is Different Kind of DEI
Consultation & Ongoing Partnership

We join you for the long term journey.   As an ongoing partner, we work with with your team to achieve big picture culture change that will result reaching your DEI goals and healthier workplace.  This includes broad culture shifts, core principles, recruitment, on-boarding, and the leadership journey.   We work with your team to strategize and develop an integrated program for the entire staff including management, and executive leadership.  (virtual & in-person)

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Workshops
Frailty Myths offers single or multi-session packages in both workshop and panel form (virtual & in-person)  Popular topics:
  • Intro to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Inclusive Facilitation
  • Microaggressions
  • Developing Core Values around Race & Gender
  • Difficult Conversations and Communicating Across Difference
  • Building a culture of feedback & How to apologize
  • Allies and Accomplices
  • LGBTQ+ in the Workplace.
Team Building & Leadership Coaching

Shared experiences mean tighter and more effective teams.   At Frailty Myths, we know that communication can be hard. And we also know that creating a clear and concise communication strategy is one of the keys to success. Through our custom built Team Building Training, we’ll create experiences that will be fun and help your team bond.  We also cultivate experiences with challenges and tools that leave participants better able to communicate their needs, be more seen, and become more confident members of the team. 

School & Youth Programs

Frailty Myths has programming designed for young people too! We know that young people are ready and able to tackle the problems of racism, patriarchy, and white supremacy and build better communities. We offer training, including collective visioning, diversity inclusion, and team building workshops for K-12 and Universities around the world.

Collective Visioning and Alignment
Our Collective Visioning and Alignment series are for organizations and groups that feel like they’re ready to take the next step in imagining and building the world that we want to live in. This workshop is instrumental in helping groups get alignment on a shared vision and begin the process of creating the pathway to imagination needed to achieve that vision.
Team Retreats focused on DEI.

Frailty Myths offers intensive team retreats from 2 – 10 days.   Our retreats are immersive, experiential, and profoundly transformative.   We combine hands-on activities with powerful and skilled facilitation to create an environment that will undoubtedly move your team to new levels of effectiveness.   We are sure that the skills you learn and the experiences you have during the retreat will contribute in strong and meaningful ways to your team’s success long after you leave.

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What we believe in

Together, we are building the world we want to live in

The Power of Practice

There is no one answer or one way.  We honor our differences and the journey we are each on.  In order to change behaviors we need to practice the new ones.  That means space to make mistakes and try again.  It means grace as we grow and hone new skills.   We believe in learning by doing and building a culture of feedback where we are nimble and nuanced and can all thrive.  We unpack as we build, revealing broken systems while actively participating in what a more just way feels like.



Messiness & Curiosity

We believe in the beautiful messiness of change.  We reject ideas of perfectionism and rigidity to embrace messiness and curiosity. We try things on, ask questions, and explore what works and what doesn’t.  This is where the real learning happens.  This is where we truly learn to communicate and grow into our whole selves.



Trust & Accountability

We are in this work for the long happen.  Change doesn’t happen overnight and we trust the process and our theory of change. We trust people’s lived experience and that we know what is best for ourselves.  We embrace personal agency and self-determination.  Our intersectional framework centers the substantive differences in
experience that people have related to overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination and disadvantage.

Woodworking Workshop

Hard Doesn't Mean bad

This work is hard.  It is uncomfortable.  And that is where we can grow.  We understand the importance of communication and emotional intelligence and work to build muscles that allow for us to truly communicate.  When we avoid conflict we avoid change.  Hard can be beautiful.


Our team.

Frailty Myths is a family of amazing people working everyday to reImagine power and build a more just and loving world.

It is powerful and nurturing support system that continues well beyond the workshops and transforms our lives.

Here are just a few of us:

Erinn Carter

Founder | Board Member

Georgia Faye Hirsty

Founder | CEO | Board Member

Malachi Cereghino

Director | Board Member

Susan Goodwillie

Founder | Board Member

Lona Laughhunn

Board Member

Charles Long

Board Member

Woodworking Workshop
Chandini Gaur

Volunteer Coordinator | Facilitator

FM Philosophy

We Root to Rise



Smashing Myths and Changing Lives.

“I took a workshop with Frailty Myths in NYC & it was everything I’ve been looking for — a space to create, do woodworking work that previously felt inaccessible to me, AND to be able to do so in community with other queer & trans people was 100% a dream come true. The facilitators set the groundwork for us to explore not only the physical skills but also root us back into how these skills originate from Black & brown communities. They broke down how we could learn together without judgement & were clear & patient each step in the way about all the power tools. I left the workshop radiating, with new community in this city.”

Huiying Bee

Basic Power Tools & Woodworking Participant


Become a Sponsor

Help grow our community work. Choose between these three levels of sponsorship!

Help us build a more just and loving future.

Sponsor Today
Sponsor a Community Workshop
  • Life Changing experience for 15 - 20 women, trans, GNC folks
  • Name on sponsor page of website
  • Gift of one of a kind Frailty Myths Pocket Knife
  • Framed Group Photo of Workshop Participants
Sponsor our Leadership Development Program
  • 4 Train the Trainer Workshops
  • Your Name or Logo on Sponsor page of website
  • 50-60 women, trans, GNC folks will recieve training
  • Employment opportunities for participants
  • Framed Groups Photo of all program workshops
  • Gift of One of a kind Frailty Myths' Smash Patriarchy Hammer
Become an
Impact with Love Sponsor


  • Annual Impact with Love Gathering Sponsor
  • Supports Live Build of a Bridge to be donated to an elementary school garden
  • Recieve Gift Set of one of a kind Frailty Myths tools: Tape Measure, Pocket Knife, and the Smash Patriarchy Hammer
  • Your name or Logo on Sponsor Page of Website
  • Your Name or Logo on all Gala materials
  • Lunch with one of the Founders

Latest News.

What we got going on! Let us know if you'd like to write a guest blog!

Basic Power Tools and Woodworking in New York

Amazing workshop in New York with facilitator and Advisory Council Member LJ Amsterdam.


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About us

Res enim fortasse verae, certe graves.

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Frailty Myths uses the power of practice to advance justice and build a better, more loving world. Frailty Myths is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit under EIN 30-0760614. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable under the law.

About us

We are building a network, a force of love and power. We are always looking to grow our team.

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Where to find us

Based in Oakland, with hubs in LA, and Brooklyn. We come when called

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