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Smash the Myth of Frailty: Support our Campaign

Now is the time to Stand up for each other and Smash the Myth of Frailty!

Visit Our IndieGogo Campaign and help us grow so we can offer workshops across the country.

We need your help! 


We believe that when women discover and rediscover our physical capabilities and realize that we are strong, we also embrace our independence, our fundamental leadership abilities, and the strength to stand for ourselves and social justice. This October we launched our first workshop and over 300 women registered. Our 2017 goal is to reach 700 women through 24 workshops that are open to all women, focusing on low-income and marginalized communities. Together we can smash the myth of frailty.



Frailty Myths is a dream that began as a group of friends imagining a space for women that was as powerful and supportive as that friendship.

Frailty Myths is a non-profit that offers an array of workshops that train women in traditionally male-dominated activities like welding, construction, climbing, art, and sailing. Each workshop offers hands-on skill building as well as facilitated discussions that examine the learning experience and how societal myths have kept women from actively participating in these spaces. Frailty Myths workshops aim to empower women to recognize and dispel the myths of frailty through dialogue and exploration of our physical capabilities.

This October, our dream became a reality when we launched the first Frailty Myths workshop series. Within days, over 300 women registered for our first workshop through our website and over 1500 women expressed interest. We have hosted 5 successful woodworking workshops that over 75 women attended and left with not only a step stool they’d made themselves, but also feeling empowered and supported.

So far we’ve done this entire process on our own. Everything that we have created, from the 501(c)(3), to the website and the workshops, has been self-created and self-funded by our leadership team.

We are ready to take the next step and provide these workshops to women across the country– but we need your help.


“By developing her power to the fullest, any woman, from Olympics star to the weekend tennis player, can be a match for any man she chooses to take on. More importantly, she will inherit the essential source of human self-confidence – pride and control over a finely tuned body. That alone would be a revolution.” (“Closing the Gap”, Ms. Magazine 1973)

We believe through our own experiences that when women discover and re-discover their physical capabilities, our bodies and minds become stronger. When we realize we are strong and capable, we also embrace our independence, our leadership capabilities, and our ability to stand up for ourselves and for others.

Our project seeks to outreach and hold space for those who do not identify as men. We hope to create a community and network including members of the trans and gender non-conforming communities.