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Power Tools and Woodworking NYC: April 22nd ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS

Basic Power Tools and Woodworking: Women, Trans, and Gender NonBinary Only

* applications close April 12th and confirmations will be sent April 13th


Basic Power Tools and Woodworking: Women, Trans, and Gender NonBinary Only

Sunday – April 22nd 2018 1:00pm-5:00pm
Brooklyn, NYC

*This workshop is specifically for any one who identifies as a woman, trans, gender non conforming, or has the lived experience of being a woman or girl.

Apply HERE

Workshop Details

This workshop will cover how to operate a number of basic power tools. We then apply those skills to a small carpentry project that you get to take home with you.

In addition, the workshop includes discussions on the transformative quality of radical self-reliance, how patriarchy impacts us, and societal myths that surround tools and building that often keep many from comfortably participating in these spaces.

Tools and materials will be provided. The speed and direction of the workshop will be participant led.

The objective of the workshop is to have an empowering afternoon learning new skills, confronting social myths, and gaining strength from each other.

This workshop is offered for free in order to be accessible to low-income and marginalized communities. Apply Now

We are committed to prioritizing people from marginalized communities who have the least access to these spaces and skills, specifically Black, Brown, and Indigenous people as well as folks who are differently-abled and those who have been excluded due to other forms of state-sanctioned violence.

Apply for the workshop here. The application, most importantly, allows us to fill the workshop in a way that is true to our mission. We’ll let you know on Friday April 13th if space is available.

Please donate if you are able so we can continue offering empowerment workshops around the country.

Suggested Donation is $100 but any amount is deeply appreciated.

Any and all donations will first go to cover the cost of this workshop.  Any remaining donations will go toward future Frailty Myths events.

Also, you can become a monthly sustaining member of the Frailty Myths Family, and your support instantly contributes to our sustainability, because only together we will smash the myth of frailty!