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Frailty Myths’ Philosophy

FRAILTY MYTHS’ PHILOSOPHY © 2017 Frailty Myths  Contents: Who is Frailty Myths and What we do? Frailty Myths Pedagody Self Reliance Feminism and FM Intersectionality Queer Theory and Transfeminism Liberation Pedagogy Frailty Myths Workshops     Note to reader: Frailty Myths is committed to growth, a culture of feedback, honest dialogue, and learning together. This is a living document that was born from many conversations. Those conversations are continuous and… Read More »Frailty Myths’ Philosophy

Frailty Myths

Myths are powerful in society, not only in topical ways but also in deep substantial ways. Especially myths of frailty. These frailty myths are present everywhere, perpetuating stereotypes and prejudices of race, class, gender, belief systems, family structure and many more. They combine and twist and change to create an endless variety of falsities that continue to oppress countless people.  These myths are taught to our children and can all… Read More »Frailty Myths