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Myths of Frailty. Featured Story

Myth Breaking

Myths are powerful in society, not only in topical ways but also in deep, substantial ways. Especially myths of frailty.

These frailty myths are present everywhere, perpetuating stereotypes and prejudices of race, class, gender, belief systems, family structure and many more.

They combine and twist and change to create an endless variety of falsities that continue to oppress countless people.  These myths are taught to our children and can all serve to perpetuate fears and self doubt in addition to institutional oppressions.  Please share the myths that have influenced or effected you in some way, for better or worse.   Let’s discuss and learn and grow.

The myths of frailty are countless and rear their heads in innumerable ways.  They find their ways into every crevice of society – the obvious being  places like television, children’s stories, toys, advertisements and school classrooms.  They often seem innocuous but, in reality, can have a lasting and destructive impact.  These myths seep into our world views and all too often strongly inform our identity, our self esteem, and our feelings of value.

These myths exist to maintain the status quo.

Please populate this forum with your stories and experiences.  Let’s expose these myths and break them down. Discuss how they have made their way into your life and the effect they have had.  These myths have power in the both the internal effect they have and in the external societal pressures.


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Please add and expand. This is an opportunity to explore the myths of frailty that have influenced our own lives and  also to learn about the myths that have effected others.  This is a safe space – explore, ask questions,  grow.

In addition to contributing to this forum, share your stories with the Frailty Myths network by writing a guest blog. You can also get involved with lots of other ways here. 

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