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Intro to Strength Training – Feb 11th 11:30am *female identified only

Registration is officially open for the Intro to Strength Training Workshop: female identified only*

Always wanted to learn how to lift weight but never have?  Whether because the weight room at the gym is unwelcoming and often unsafe for female identified people or because you’ve never had the training or tools, this workshop is for you!

In this workshop, Frailty Myths teams up with The Queer Gym to work through tips on good nutrition and a hands on introduction to strength training. Topics such as the proper way to lift weights, how much you should be lifting, and how to warm up will all be covered while in an environment that is safe, encouraging, and empowering.

The workshop will include discussions on the societal myths that surround strength training, weight lifting, and how the culture of masculinity defines strength in ways that intentionally excludes female identified people.  At Frailty Myths, we know that we are strong, capable, and physical creatures – and that those things do not come at the cost of our femininity.

“The Queer Gym is the first and only LGBT gym in the Nation. Our mission is to make happy, healthy homos by providing a safe space to workout with a community that gives a damn about you and your goals.”

All equipment will be provided.  Please wear sneakers and appropriate clothing for exercise.

The speed and direction of the workshop will be participant led.

All of the facilitators are female and work/live in the East Bay

The objective of the workshop is to have an empowering afternoon learning new skills, confronting social myths, and gaining strength from each other.

This session is for any one who identifies as female.

This workshop is offered for free in order to be accessible to low-income and marginalized communities.

Please donate if you are able so we can continue offering empowerment workshops to women around the country.

Suggested Donation is $100 but any amount is deeply  appreciated.

Any and all donations will first go to cover the cost of the workshop and any remaining donations will go toward future Frailty Myths events.