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These workshops are built around teamwork, trust, and partnership – skills that are essential to building a more just and healthy workplace environment.

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Community Programs and Workshops

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Frailty Myths offers team building and leadership workshops for corporate, nonprofit, and community partners. Contact us below for rates and availability.

What We Do

Frailty Myths offers an array of different workshops that train women in traditionally male-dominated activities (welding, construction, sailing, etc.). Each workshop offers both hands-on skill building as well as facilitated discussions that examine the learning experience and the impacts of oppression on that process. We use this teaching model to deconstruct and examine all forms of oppression and to overcome the myths that constrict our lives.

Women who complete our workshops will walk away with practical skills, an appreciation for their physical capacity and a framework with which to continue to challenge societal myths of femininity. We seek to educate and encourage women of all ages to explore activities that traditionally discourage female participation. Our vision is that Women who complete Frailty Myths workshops will walk away with practical skills, an appreciation for their physical capacity, and a framework with which to continue to challenge societal myths of femininity. Each participant becomes a member of the Frailty Myths Family of empowered women that support each other as we continue to break down barriers. We believe that when women discover and re-discover our physical capabilities and realize that we are strong, we also embrace our independence, our fundamental leadership abilities, and the strength to stand up for ourselves and social justice.

  • Each workshop will offer hands-on skill building and facilitated discussions that examine the learning experience and how societal myths have kept women from actively participating in these spaces. Our workshops aim to empower women to recognize and dispel the myths of frailty through dialogue, experiential learning, and exploration of their physical capabilities.

  • Members of your team who attend this workshop will learn incredible team building and leadership skills in an environment that builds their confidence and empowers them to explore their strengths. At Frailty Myths, we know that when women explore our physical strength and capabilities, we learn to recognize the myths of frailty that hold us back.

How Frailty Myths Transforms the World

Who we are

Frailty Myths is a family of amazing people working everyday to ReImagine Femininity and a world without toxic masculinity - Here are just a few of us:
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Advisory Council

Frailty Myths is honored to have an incredible group of people sit on the advisory council. Check them out here.

Georgia Faye Hirsty

Georgia works in the environmental justice movement with a focus on the use of non-violent direct action as a tactic for change. Her work is deeply rooted in the understanding that the fight for justice necessarily includes solidarity with every fight for justice, and that exploring the intersections of oppression is a necessary part of dismantling it.

Erinn Carter

Erinn has worked in politics for more than 15 years. Her work has encompassed everything from the theory of politics through her PhD studies at UCLA to real life politics including work with labor unions, community organizations, and activism across the country. As a black woman, her primary focus has been on fighting for justice in communities of color.

Susan Goodwillie

Susan is a co-founder of SPACE on Ryder Farm, a nonprofit residency program housed on a working organic farm. She is a social worker at the Mental Health Project at the Urban Justice Center – a non-profit that provides free legal and advocacy services to low-income New Yorkers living with mental illness.

Malachi Robinson

Malachi Robinson was born in Florida, raised in New Jersey, and tells people that they’re from Brooklyn. They attended CUNY Medgar Evers in Brooklyn, New York and studied Journalism there, which comes in handy because the justice organizations they have worked for actually break the big stories and are true watchdogs of democracy. In their spare time, they enjoy singing karaoke, speaking loudly in inappropriate spaces, riding their bike, and watching funny YouTube videos.

Who We Serve

The Frailty Myths Family is a powerful and nurturing support system that continues well beyond the workshops. We are committed to prioritizing marginalized communities.
Participant Demographics
% identify as POC
% identify as LGBT
% Make less than $30k
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Frailty Myths Philosophy

Read more about who we are and the analysis that informs our work. You’ll also find more information on the Frailty Myths Pedagogy


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