The Frailty Myths Story

THE FRAILTY MYTHS’ STORY Frailty Myths is a dream that began as a group of friends imagining a space for women that was as powerful and supportive as that friendship. Frailty Myths is a non-profit that offers an array of workshops that train women in traditionally male-dominated activities like welding, construction, climbing, art, and sailing. Read more about The Frailty Myths Story[…]

Power Tools and Woodworking Workshop: Women* Only

This workshop will cover how to operate a number of basic power tools and apply those skills to a small carpentry project that you get to take home with you. The workshop will include discussions on the societal myths that surround tools and building that often keep women from comfortably participating. Tools and materials will Read more about Power Tools and Woodworking Workshop: Women* Only[…]

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