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We are a collective that works to expose the social construction of 'female' inferiority for exactly what it is: a myth.

Feel your inner power. Grow your confidence. Change the world.


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The story of Frailty Myths is the story of friends...
living across the world, working in fields dominated by men, looking to challenge the notion that we are frail, weak, and unable. When we looked around, we saw each of us working to change the world by uplifting those around us and in our communities. We didn’t feel weak at all. We knew that we had to build a space where other people could experience this. We found our friendship and support for each other, to be something that held us down and made us amazing. Each of the four founders is different; we’re people of color and white women, over-educated and under-educated, from across the United States. We’ve embraced the beauty of our differences as the driving force of what makes Frailty Myths so beautiful.



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Who we are

Frailty Myths is a family of amazing people working everyday to ReImagine Femininity and a world without toxic masculinity - Here are just a few of us:

Georgia Faye Hirsty


Erinn Carter


Susan Goodwillie


Who We Serve

The Frailty Myths Family is a powerful and nurturing support system that continues well beyond the workshops. We are committed to prioritizing marginalized communities.

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